Locations From a Movie (I Never Made)


I scout locations for a living. Iā€™m hired to find the locations that are used in movies, television shows, commercials and print advertisements. When scouting I must frame my photographs from a safe distance at a wide angle. The director needs to see the location with a wide frame.  With that restriction, my shots are safe, orderly and wide. No unusual angles to confuse the director or set designer. No detail shots. No people. I just need to show the location. And from this visual restriction, a stylistic parameter was set. And so goes the idea for 'Locations From a Movie (I Never Made)', each frame chosen to set the scene for an untold story.  Some shots were taken from past scouting assignments. Some are from my travels abroad. And a few are from my neighborhood here in New York. And some shots might even have people in them.